The Cloud

A couple weeks ago Google acquired data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion. Google acquired YouTube back in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Core internet services seem bargain bin relative to the valuations of anything with a bit of cloud pixie dust poured upon it. Salesforce paid about 40x projected forward revenues when they acquired Tableau […]


I just bought a bit of ROKU today after multiple downgrades knocked the stock from above $70 to under $57 over the past couple weeks. Roku opened up yesterday with the broader market, but as Netflix fell on news of a low priced competitor from Disney competitor to launch in November it pulled Roku down […]

Trade War, Part 2

Yesterday President Trump tweeted mad hate against Europe, promising tariffs. The European economy is structurally weak & they can’t afford to exit negative rates & quantitative easing. Across Europe German manufacturers are already calling the shots trying to minimize the fall out from Brexit. Now would be an inopportune time for curtailing the export-led engine […]

Faux Marketing Innovation by Non-marketing Companies

The lens through which you have experienced the world is also the lens through which you ultimately view the world. Thus a person who spent decades in marketing could argue that almost everything is a subset of marketing. But sometimes it becomes a bit of a reach. Last year I read Ken Auletta’s Frenemies book […]