The Cloud

A couple weeks ago Google acquired data analytics company Looker for $2.6 billion. Google acquired YouTube back in 2006 for $1.65 billion. Core internet services seem bargain bin relative to the valuations of anything with a bit of cloud pixie dust poured upon it. Salesforce paid about 40x projected forward revenues when they acquired Tableau […]


I just bought a bit of ROKU today after multiple downgrades knocked the stock from above $70 to under $57 over the past couple weeks. Roku opened up yesterday with the broader market, but as Netflix fell on news of a low priced competitor from Disney competitor to launch in November it pulled Roku down […]

Trade War, Part 2

Yesterday President Trump tweeted mad hate against Europe, promising tariffs. The European economy is structurally weak & they can’t afford to exit negative rates & quantitative easing. Across Europe German manufacturers are already calling the shots trying to minimize the fall out from Brexit. Now would be an inopportune time for curtailing the export-led engine […]

Faux Marketing Innovation by Non-marketing Companies

The lens through which you have experienced the world is also the lens through which you ultimately view the world. Thus a person who spent decades in marketing could argue that almost everything is a subset of marketing. But sometimes it becomes a bit of a reach. Last year I read Ken Auletta’s Frenemies book […]

Penny Stocks

I think most penny stocks are penny stocks for a reason – either they are failed businesses, scams, or have some other reason they remain publicly traded while having little to no economic value (based on their market price). In some cases regulatory changes can cause formerly broken businesses to become once again viable. That […]