Positioning for More Trump

Donald J. Trump may not be a great person, but it is hard to make him sound any less appealing than the following

If you give into terrorist garbage the terrorists do not suddenly become decent human beings. There is no end to the “social” justice inversion of reality until outcomes are (more than) equalized and productive members of society are enslaved to the pay-to-breed crew.

There are now cities where the citywide IQ level is more than a standard deviation below the national average.

The guy guilty of walking while white almost certainly paid the other “person’s” parents to breed.

If a person finds that sort of lawlessness enviable they can just move to Africa rather than voting for more of it in the United States.

JPMorgan Says Investors Should Prepare for Rising Odds of Trump Win

Alternatively stated, …

Things that are likely to do well under Trump 2.0…

  • private prison companies: the social justice hoodrats will be aggressively prosecuted & there will be lots of bodies demanding more cells after there is a violent crescendo on the media once again claiming the Trump victory was a farce. Tickers: CXW – CoreCivic, GEO – The GEO Group
  • rural & suburban real estate: fewer people will want to live in the hollowed out, racist, violent bombed out landscapes where cities once stood. there is a positive feedback loop here where as the wealthy who are most able to leave do the tax base shrinks & public services further decline making the top 1% of payers ask repeatedly “what exactly am I paying for” as the pay-to-breed crew hits them or their neighbors in the back of the head with concrete while they walk down the street. Tickers: MAS – Masco, OC – Owens Corning, BECN – Beacon Roofing Supply Inc, W – Weyerhaeuser, PPG – PPG Industries, HD – Home Depot, LOW – Lowe’s, SHW – Sherwin-Williams, LPX – Louisiana-Pacific, OSB – Norbord, UFPI – UFP Industries, BMCH – BMC Holdings, BCC – Boise Cascade, AMWD – American Woodworking Corporation, CSTE – Caeserstone, AYI – Acuity Brands, LII – Lennox Inernational Inc., AOS – A. O. Smith Corporation, EXP – Eagle Materials, DOOR – Masonite International Corporation, many others
    • good suppliers can more easily pass inflationary pressures onto homebuilders while homebuilders (like DHI, LEN, KBH, TOL, PHM, LGIH, MTH, TMHC, BZH, etc.) will face rising municipal permit fees, labor tightness driving up wages, etc
    • added: the trend of children living with their parents well into adulthood has exceeded Great Depression era highs “In July, 52% of young adults resided with one or both of their parents, up from 47% in February, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of monthly Census Bureau data. The number living with parents grew to 26.6 million, an increase of 2.6 million from February.”
    • the above trend of living with parents is with the massive federal deficit, massive bond buying by the Federal Reserve along with widespread unemployment checks. These numbers will get higher over time as those financial supports fall away & rental contracts expire as foreclosures also rise dramatically.
    • larger families will want space from one another, leading to further moves not only from urban to suburban or rural, but also to dwellings with more rooms for a home office, the kids, the grandkids, etc.
  • computing at home: even after the pandemic ends, people will still spend more time at home because they have grown more acclimated to it. some of the hardware companies are priced as though growth will never come back even though it has already started happening. Tickers: INTC – Intel, WDC – Western Digital, STX – Seagate, many others
    • Intel has heavily missed out on mobile & their stock was beaten down on announcing delays with their next generation devices vital to having powerful computing in small devices like cell phones, but they can still do well on desktop.
    • Seagate, Western Digital & Toshiba basically own the hard drive market between them
    • Chinese competition will take time to come online
    • computers are powerful & relatively cheap all-purpose entertainment & work devices.
  • guns: people who bought guns in advance of a Biden presidency already own them. but the resulting violence from another mainstream media led election nullification effort will lead to a lot of subsequent demand among radicals along with families who want to protect their loved ones from radicals. Tickers: SWBI – Smith & Wesson Brands Inc, RGR – Strurm, Ruger & Co., VSTO – Vista Outdoor
  • telecom equipment: as Huawei & ZTE gear get branded as spyware the only serious existing competitors are Ericsson & Nokia. Tickers: ERIC, NOK.
    • China’s thuggish nature is an advertisement for the competition

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