OSTK has fallen off a cliff since the delayed GSR investment.

On Monday, Overstock announced that GSR Capital had sought out an extension on an investment they were slated to close over the weekend that would have printed a billion dollar valuation on tZERO and likely would have sent Overstock’s equity price significantly higher.

Once again markets have opened up today before pulling back a bit. Though things look to be heading higher into the Fed announcement at 2PM. I exited a small AT&T position for a small gain, went long Overstock when it passed through flat on the day and sold it shortly later for a couple percent gain, and sold off a bit of Funko. 

At least for the next 3 or 4 years I like Funko as a company in terms of seeing tons of growth ahead, but I also thought it was good at $20, at $18, at $15, at $14, & at $13, so I have been willing to take a few percent here or there on counter trend rallies. Funko has an awesome Pop! Ad Icons: Buzz Bee available today. As long as the prices keep going up on eBay buying those exclusives is printing money. Which will encourage more trade. The big things that separate such a fad collectible from the likes of Beanie Babies is they license third party IP to tie the format to cherished childhood memories & currently hot media, and they got the design so well done.

I bought a bit of Apple today thinking the risk vs reward is decent here with their stock priced for negative growth while their buyback puts a bid under the stock.


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